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Notion as a CMS means your knowledge base or help center doesn't need to live on another tool. Everyone is on the same page and plays an important role in customer success.

Replaces: Gitbook

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Control what customers see

Making your help articles easy to follow for an effective knowledge base is essential. As cool as live editing may sound, you don't want your customers to see your drafts. Lotion gives you control over what's visible in-between edits.

Replaces: Super

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Navigation as smooth as
shea butter lotion

Lotion automatically generates navigation links, table of contents and supports breaking your content down into logical sections. This means you can send your customers to specific sections of an article without asking them to scroll!

Improves: Sanity

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"The first version of Pory's help center was written in Markdown/MDX. Lotion has improved our speed and happiness by at least 10x."

Sam, Founder of Pory


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